Force of Will – Starter Deck Pricia – Alice Origin 2

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This Starter deck focuses on the Beast and Four Sacred Beasts races, while also incorporating Friendship Counters, Strangers, and Sword Arts! Start your journey into Force of Will with this starter deck!

6 in stock

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This Starter deck includes the following cards:

2x Barust, the Machine God of Conflagration (Stranger)

4x Afanc, the Phantom Beast

2x Deep Green Magician, Liz (Stranger)

4x Friendly Seeking Mole

2x Green Wizard (Stranger)

4x Herald of the Beast Lady

4x Pricia’s Encouragement

4x Rapid Growth

4x Sprinting Wolf

2x Yggnitsvay, the Guardian of Green Branch (Stranger)

4x Awakening of the Beast Queen

4x Claw of the Sacred Beast

2x Guardian of Outland (Stranger)

4x Magna’s Guardian Beast

1x Pricia (J-Ruler)

4x World Tree Fox

4x Attoractia’s Memoria

4x Magic Stone of Blasting Waves

2x Wind Magic Stone

1x Kusanagi Motoko & Section 9

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