Force of Will Fire Starter Deck – Blood of Dragons

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Unleash powerful battle arts on your enemy!

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This Fire starter deck is a great way to get into the Force of Will trading card game, containing a rulebook, quick rules guide, and a play sheet, along with:

  • Ruler: Kirik Rerik/Kirik Rerik, the Draconic Warrior
  • 4x Apprentice Cook
  • 4x Burning Awakening
  • 4x Dragon Breath
  • 4x Dragon of Mt. Hoelle
  • 4x Elia Rua, the Combat Chef
  • 4x Hell Flame
  • 4x Hoelle Pig
  • 4x Hoellesaurus
  • 4x Kirik’s Partner
  • 4x Mad Boar of Mt. Hoelle

Magic stones:

  • 4x Dragon Ore
  • 6x Fire Magic Stone
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