Force of Will Light Starter Deck – King of the Mountain

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Unearth magical gems to overpower your opponent!

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This Light starter deck is a great way to get into the Force of Will trading card game, containing a rulebook, quick rules guide, and a play sheet, along with:

  • Ruler: Taegrus Pearlshine/Taegrus Pearlshine, Lord of the Mountain
  • 4x Diamond, the One-Eyed Treasury Magician
  • 4x Gem Blade Onyx
  • 4x Gem Blade Ruby
  • 4x Gem Blade Sapphire
  • 4x Gem Craftsman
  • 4x Gem Trader
  • 4x Jewel Burst
  • 4x Jewel Shield
  • 4x Jewel Sword
  • 4x White Raven

Magic stones:

  • 4x Ore from the Treasure Mountain
  • 6x Light Magic Stone
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