Escape the Horde Core Set - Blood Box (Kickstarter Exclusive Cover)

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Grab your very own Kickstarter Exclusive-cover version of this NZ-created collaborative card game that offers endless excitement!

In this fast—paced card game two Factions (Survivors and Infected) fight for supremacy in the Wastelands. Survivors must work together to outrun Patient Zero and their horde of zombies, using weapons, cunning and strategy. Patient Zero and the Infected attack relentlessly trying to infect and Turn all Survivors. 

Survivors win when the last card has been drawn from the Stack and they have not been Turned, or if they survive the Countdown Clock. Patient Zero and Infected Survivors win when they infect and Turn all Survivors. What makes our game so much fun is that all players stay in the game right to the very end — some still as Survivors, others as Infected.


  • 102 incredibly well-designed cards, American Standard size (same as Magic, Pokemon, etc)
  • A comprehensive instruction manual
  • and the hopes and dreams of 4+ players

All condensed inside a funky box that will look amazing on your game shelf, and even better on your gaming table with friends!

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